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Recent News

Public Wing discusses Academy’s Project Studies
Academy’s 2016/2017 Public Wing consultation Meeting has discussed on a number of issues including nine months performances of the overall activities of the Academy since 2013. Representatives of the public wing of the Academy including permanent committee members of the house of peoples representatives, delegates of the prime Minister’s office, Meads of Youth and sports Bureau of the nine National States and two city Administrations, Sports Associations, Sports Professionals Associations, Sports Training centers and representatives of Academy’s trainees. In the consultation meeting Academy’s project study document on Children Skill Training, National Teams Integrated Support, Sports Professionals Training, Research Study and Consultation Service and for the establishment of enjury recovery centre were presented and discussed thoroughly. .

Training On Sport Science Study and Research offered
Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy has offered training from February 9 to March 19,2017. in Basics of Sport Science Study and Research, implementation of SPSS Software ----to sport professionals drawn from the Academy, national sports associations and sports training centers drawn national states. The trainings facilitated in two cycles at the Addis Ababa and Assela campuses of the Academy, were offered by trainers drawn from Addis Ababa, Gima, Hawasa, Bahrirdar universities and Menz university of German.

Prospect Elites

Learn About Prospect Elites Members
ROMAN ASFAW already in the book of history ROMAN ASFAW is privileged to be among the first batch to join the Addis Ababa campus in 2013/2014 Academic year. She was born & raised in the South Eastern city of Diredawa. Read more
TADELE ZEWDU earning much more medals than his twenty years of life TADELE ZEWDU now 20 is among the first batch of the Addis Ababa Campus trainees. TADELE is also attending his final high school year of grade 10. Next June he will be double graduate of both the Academy & Lem High School.Read more
NARDOS SISAY A pioneer to Academy’s Addis Ababa Campus & to Ethiopia NARDOS SISAY is from Nazret City, Oromya State. She is nineteen. She was recruited at the 1st National Youth Project Championship staged in Shashemene city representing Oromia State in World Taekwondo.Read more

Our History

The Academy was envisaged by H,E the late Prime Minister MELES ZENAWI, and was inaugurated may 28,2013 by H,E Prime Minster HILEMARIEM DESALEGNE.
Athlete Tirunesh Dibaba Sports Training center (the Assela Campus) which was previously established October of 2009 with an objective to boost the number of elite athletes has now been incorporated with the Academy in accordance with.
Read More

Frequent Questions

What are the Objective of the Academy?

A:The main objectives are:-
• To provide scientific trainings to potential youngsters in Olympic sports;
• To produce problem solving studies & researches & disseminate the results there of;
• To provide capacity building sports training to sports professionals.

Which sports events are currently offered to youngsters?

A:Nine sports events namely Athletics, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Box, Cycling, World Taekwondo & Swimming are currently provided.

What is the minimum (baseline) eligibility criteria under the youth training scheme?

A:Any Ethiopian citizen with potential tendencies for the sport event she/he applies satisfies the baseline criterion.

Which age categories are applicable for Candidacy?

A:Under thirteen, under fifteen & under seventeen age categories are applicable as required per the need of each event.

How, When & Where are requirements done?

A:Requirements are held:-
• Through open announcements (usually in summer) for registration at the academy’s campuses;
• At selected potential areas, project cites in the country mostly in summer;
• From among participants in national and regional youth tournaments.

Our Location

Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy Emperial, Ring Road
Bob Marley square
Addis Ababa