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Make elites by recognition

(The following essay under a sub-title, Make elites by recognition is the first of the series of essays I intend to deliver to you. under the title, Recognition vs. Deneyal)

By Esayas Asmelash

A country may excel in one or more sport events at consequetive international taurnaments for a period long enough for the world to attribute to the country phrases such as, ‘a land of athletes! ‘ People do not only associate to a county such phrases as in the above, bat also try to find anrwes as to why the country excels in a given sport event.
Ethiopia which has been associated with Long Distance for atleast half a century is one example. But why? A question many endeavour to find an answer or answers to. Despite the lack of researched reason, many have their speculations. To some natural factors are the reasons. To others cultural factors are the answer. Still others try to find an answer within the system - (organizational, methodological, tactical, etc). Some even resort to look for a combination of a number of reasons.
Whatever the reason, given the purpose of this article being not to provide one, I agree reasons cited in this artide are plausible enough to concider individualy & collectively to confirm the truth through research.
With regards to Ethiopia, any quest to find an answer for Ethiopia’s achievement in Long Distance should be encouraged . However if such a quest is based on an assumption that Ethiopia is good enough only in Long Distance, we would not only be committing the worst of mistakes of neglecting other sport events, but also such an assumption is not good even for Long Distance. Unless we try to understand Ethiopia with regards to all Olymipic sports – unless we try to find the single within the whole, we would get lost in the wilderness wondering & not arriving.
We should therefore begin with the question, ‘Is Ethiopia good at international venues in other events other than Long Distance?’ My observational opinion (not researched) is that ‘Ethiopia has not been good past & now. ‘However, does this mean, ’Ethiopia will not be good tomorrow?’ To find an answer we should ask, ‘Is Ethiopia potentially good with the rest of the sport events’?
Not forgetting factors such as organizational, political, expertise, infrastructural, etc, let as concentrate on natural & cultural factors which the article is trying to deal.
Ethiopia is one of the rich places on earth in biodiversity, mainly for reasons of evolutionary & geographic factors, such as its location in the tropics & physical factors in terms of topography & altitude ranging probably from the lowest depression on earth to one of the highest of towers of mountains in Africa. This richness in biodiversity is also true in relation to its human inhabitants . whether this is so for anthropological or/and historical, ecological or for any other factors, Ethiopia is rich in human diversity-national diversity ( I refrain from using ‘ethinic diversity‘). Its human diversity can easily be felt as far as one duels around in Ethiopia. Biological & cultural diversity catches your attention, make you wonder especially if you are from a country with one or few nationalities. You cannot fail to observe the colorful diversity, even if you pretend not to see and feel it. Denying this simple truth visible in the open, simply means denying not only the existence of all the nationalities & their peoples but also the unifying common identities & values they share as citizens of a country they proudly call ‘Ethiopia. ‘ Infact one cannot deny but pretend. Pretending not to see the diversity means missing the opportunities- political, social & economic significance & potentials that the Republc can harvest for the good and prosperous future.
One potential among many others is the natural & cultural tendencies useful & instrumental for all the Olympic sports that the peoples of the country can offer so that many more youngsters get their places at the forefront of world sports stages as much more as Long Distance athletes.
However, if we choose to pretend not to see the diversity mostly for fear that diversity contravenes unity & promotes disintegration, we will ironically miss the unifying factor that the diverse nationalities can offer in terms of victories at international sports events in all the Olympic sports- victories which every individual Ethiopian aspires & ready to contribute what is necessary, whether financial or expertise or moral, to make many more victories a reality. Ready also to come out to the open to celebrate in unison every time athletes of all sports bring medals back home . Athletes made elites by recognition & acceptance, not by deneyal & withdrawal.

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