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I was much privileged to witness the celebration of the centennial of the Battle of Adowa in 1988 (Ethiopian calendar Ec) . The enagunal venue was supposed to be Adowa, the very place where Ethiopians marched to & fought brarely in unison to releelize Africa’s major victory against colorization. I remember Afriican leders were invited for the event Thousands of Ethiopians were also expeated to join the cleberation in Adowa. To accommodate both forign &Ethiopian cellebcrants in theor thousands a tent city was the paln through the errection of hundreds of tents .
However unlike the 18th century Ethiopians who leaving theory differences & possibly disagreements belind, fought bravely to defend future generations such as us How ever, a number of scholars based in Addis Ababa expressed ther disagreements with the government on theselection of the venue. Their argument was that ago the Addis Ababa, the capital should host the event while fore tathers agreed to sucriffise hundred years we feiled to agree on where to stage the event Adwa or Addis Ababa Remember the landmark speech of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on the simplest question of where the head quartes of the African Union should be while the toughest question of estaablishibg the union had been agreed upon by Not forgetting the possible sabotage of some Eroplens taking advantage of our disagreemat on the venue to deter African brothers from the event And many more Etiopians disconcerted, finding the mselres in dilemsa about the bigger issue of celeberating the event colourfully wherever. I wold take to express my apreciation to the government of the Rusion Federotion & the Ambassador of the Federation to Ethiopian who to my recollation was the only foreign attendant at the venue in Adowa, My intention above in discussing the event of the 1988(E.c) is only to put a background to wht I am to discuss below.
My highest regards to Tombo Iinbeki who was among us to celebrate the Day after tweny-one years since the centennial. I would also like to thank Inbeki for his speech which motivated me to write this opion. In his speech be attributed the victory to the firm unity of the people under Emperor Menilik the local Governments heads & war generals unity & leadership were not only attributed to the victory but also colonized peoples of Africa & beyond as well as suppressed peoples across the Atlantiklearnt that freedom was within the grip if sought in unison under visionary leadership, Adowa inspired not only Ethiopians but peoples in Africa & beyond to fight in unison under Organized Leadership adding fuel to Pan Africanism & Negritude movement which the former paved the road to the Organization of Africa Union, the first continental organization ever established well before Europe & the rest dreamt of any continental Originzaion The origination despite its drawbacks & limitations made it easier to the readom of a number of colonies in Africa & to the fll of South Africais This was possible because Africans acted in unisom forgeting French speaking English Speaking discourses of colonizers & becouse of the leadership qualities of all freedom fighters & later leaders of the newly African Nation.
As Imbeki advised, acting in unison under visionary leadeshop shall imanicopate the Africa peoples & relation from economi deprivation (colonization ) & socia crisis. One tool towards achieving economic & social freedom is reinventing the history of Africa in all it’s forms befor & after Adowa, thanks to those Ethiopians who envisaged the estoblishmen of the Pan African University in Adowa.
I have learnt the general objective of the University, courtesy to Ato Bitew Belay, chair of the organizing committee for the estaslishmet of the University who made it clear at the event. Not down playing the vision of the committe & many others, I forward the following
 African leaders & scholors should act in unison to realize the establishment of the university.
 Afircan Governmets shuld contribute finance for the establishment, historical documents, artitacts, figures & facts.
 Public ownership of the university should mean the “African public” through the indirect representations of all the members of the African nations by the Union  Ethiopias role should be guardianship of the university
 The university should be a specialized one unlike the rest of the traditional universities in the country which offer all the sciences (social, humanities & natural ). If the university pursues the traditional route,it will lack focuss on the issue of pan Africanism.
 Pan Africaism should mean pan Africanism not only in its form during & immediately affer the freedom struggle of Africans but
o To reimvmt social & political economy history of the continent.
o To imanicipate Africa from economic & politicl dependence on formre colonies & others to words furthwr economic & political integration of the continent . o Subjects should therefore be selected to achieve the above, including democratization of the continent
o Africans shold be assured ownership, others shuld the assured that me mean to establish a world heritage
o Committee mernbers should also include African scholars out side Ethiopia.
o Staff & beneficiaries of the university shold incorporate mainly Africans drown from the contirent & scholers beyond the ccontirent regardless of their opinions. All shuld be assured the university is an affilte not rrival.
 Other objectives shold be linkedto the objective of the university
o Adwa as tourist destonation shold mainly attract individual & scholar researchers & students.
 Finally as his exellency Tabo Imbeki said, “Addis Ababa is not the capital of Africa by accident” Adowa Pan Africa university is also a university not by accident.

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Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy Emperial, Ring Road
Bob Marley square
Addis Ababa